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Can you guess the most popular undies colour?

I will give you a clue, white is out!

Got it yet?

Recent surveys have shown that the most popular colours are: black (20%), blue (19%), red (16%). White was only 13% – signifying that fashion conscious customers have moved much more towards colour.

Black has been and will always be the most loved colour for all the good reasons. The colour represents authority, sexiness, sophistication and power. So guys, when you really want to go all sexy and bold; get into a pair of black men’s brief underwear such as our Gluv or Rowdy ranges. They go great with almost everything. One more advantage is that it suits every age and shape. It is formal, yet sexy and does not go out of style.

Blue is the next best colour loved by all. The reason behind it, is the colour signifies stability, charm, honour, softness, understanding and honesty. The various hues of blue represent the same regardless of the light or darker shades.

Red is the colour of love and romance. We all know that, don’t we? It signifies passion, love, desire, lust and spice; as it also depicts enthusiasm and confidence. When a guy wears red, then you’re sure to see sparks in the air. It is also believed that once one slips into red coloured men’s bikini thongs or anything else with high sex appeal; it is obvious that you’re action oriented with a deep need of physical fulfilment through the five senses. Ooh! That’s getting hot! Now you know why people wear red on Valentines.

The team here at Cuvayabits are really into Fuchsia at the moment. You can’t deny its a cool colour, a vivid purplish red colour, named after the colour of the flower of the fuchsia plant. It goes with just about anything, so were keeping that in mind for our next undies range ;)

The Team @ Cuvayabits Underwear