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Our Story

In 2016 the realisation hit, we were sick of paying silly amounts of money for underwear of average quality and sad plain designs, so we thought we’d do it ourselves.

Too many brands these days sell colours that Grandma would have loved, plain colours with no pizazz or flair. We found that most guys weren’t that proud of what they had on under their strides. So, we’ve made it our goal to help Men be proud of their undies again!

We want guys to show off their unmentionables as mentionables and be proud to wear something with energy and flair. Some of our designs might be a little out there but we think you can never have too much zing or spark in your pants!

From 2017 we became a new start-up brand, based in Sydney, Australia. We launched our online store in November 2017 and began with 8 styles encompassing 20 different pairs of underwear of colour and design, from briefs to boxers and our backless jocks range, Contraband.

We aim to provide outstanding customer service, while providing high quality underwear at lower prices.

Our small team is made up of many years of experience across management, retail and digital industries and are customer focused to the core after spending much of their careers supporting customers. Our owner and founder, Jason, heads up our design and creative departments and is always interested in hearing your ideas for underwear be it designs, styles or colours.

We are an Aussie Brand and Yes, our underwear is currently manufactured in China, but we plan to move our manufacturing operations onshore within Australia when it becomes financially viable for us to do so. We toiled long and hard over the decision to start in China, but we have ensured our underwear is made in factories where workers rights and conditions are a priority and we are confident our manufacturing partners continue with the high standards that we and other aussies expect.

Why not give us a try to COVER YOUR BITS today, because…


This Business Supports Marriage Equality